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Vira Control Quar Consulting Engineers Company established with the aim of providing professional project management services in project, ... more




The VIRA approach for implementation of project management system is based on designing and developing a dynamic cycle of process groups. The cycle means that all the processes are meaningful just in relation together, and each of them alone is the meaningless parts of system. In the other words, these processes are parts of project engine that with a proper interaction can result the project success. The output of each process is input of the next process, and the lack of each one can be neglected in short time more...


Management Methodology with Vira Consulting Engineers.

Vira Consulting Engineers is a dynamic company that offering Comprehensive services and products with reasonable cost to help companies succeed in their projects
In the current ever-changing environment, companies with poor project management cannot defeat environmental changes.

You can manage with Vira!

Education: develop the best training programs in your industry

Consultation: get all values of the project management

Implementation: gain ability to use a standard and global methodology




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  Mode of Services


Vira offers its services in two main areas in the field of project management:

 1- Project management system implementation in the form of project management consultant in client’s projects and based on the nine knowledge area mentioned by PMBOK.

 2- Project management system implementation in client structure in the form of project management office in five levels defined by standards.




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